Taking a breather

Often when under a large amount of stress, or when that pile of papers at the end of your desk is rising by the minute, we forget the best ways to manage our time, and our inevitable stress. But most importantly, we forget to look after ourselves and our bodies.

Sometimes, we allow ourselves a 10 minute phone break where we scroll our little fingers as fast as we can and then BAM… back to work ten minutes later. Although this might seem like the perfect quick fix to you, there are actually many more beneficial ways to spend those ten minutes, helping your body mentally, physically and emotionally. Take a walk. It might seem like one of those old remedies that your mum told you to take the dog on, but seriously, put down that phone, and walk out the door. All it takes is a walk around the block to get you down to nature and thinking about things that calm and relax you. This is important, don’t let it deceive you! Take in the fresh air and be a part of your community, all it takes is one walk around the block to make you feel more active, energised and awake-ready to get back to work.

If this isn’t the path for you because you live in some underwater jungle forest where there aren’t any places to walk, then I suggest you try Stress Detox No.2- the water plunge. Take a shower. Take five showers. Heck, take ten showers if you want to! Once again, sounding very simple and unnecessary, but I beg you to give it a go- it will give you the world of good! Make it your own, put on some relaxing music, take care of yourself and do it for you.

After a long week of what I’m sure is filled with a roller coaster of events, comes the best, most under-estimated day of the week. Sunday. It is true that a Sunday well spent brings a week of content, but only if you do your Sunday’s right. Today is your day, go on an adventure, grab a friend and find quiet cafes and independent bookstores that you’ve never come across before. Wake up on that glorious Sunday morning with the beautiful sun shining through the curtains and jump out of bed with the determination to fall in love with your city all over again. Pretend you’re a tourist, pretend you speak another language, take photographs, talk less, listen more, watch shitty romantic movies and enjoy yourself, for today is your day. It’s Sunday.


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