How to beat the Monday mornin blues

Monday, MONDAY, monday, whichever way you say it, Monday’s are definitely not seen as a joyous occasion, but worse than this is Monday morning.

How does your Monday morning pan out? Do you jump out of bed with a bop in your step as you prepare for the day ahead or does it sound more like the slam of your hand on the alarm clock begging for snooze as your cling onto your sheets, with the blinds mysteriously revealing more and more light as you are blinded?

Sound familiar?Yep, we’ve all been there.

Luckily, there are actually ways to transform your Monday morning, because in hindsight, it all really is up to you. You can wake up with the attitude knowing that your morning is off to a bad start, or you can think positively and get the show on the road.

Here are my best & most helpful tips for beating those Monday mornin blues:


Your attitude as you leap into the new week really is quite important- it helps determine & partly shape what your week is going to be like- it’s up to you how you choose to perceive this! Sit down, and write a few of your goals & intentions for the week. Refer back to these when you need- it can be big things you want to achieve at work (such as finishing off a project) or little things such as making more effort to spend time with family. Whatever it may be, write it down and work towards it- setting a purpose for your day/week.


I beg of you, please, please, PLEASE do NOT eat nutella on toast for your ‘nutritious breakfast.’ Wake up 10 minutes earlier and make something healthy and filling that your body will thank you for. A good winter favourite that will keep you going is a nice warm bowl of porridge, and for summer, a protein smoothie or bowl never goes wrong. If you honestly don’t have any time in the morning to make something good for your body, mind & soul.. Haha got you! You do have time. You should always be able to set aside time for what’s good for you and even if this means laying out the ingredients on the kitchen bench on Sunday night, it works for you and your body is only trying to help and support you- so treat it right!


It’s not said enough ^^!! Take 30 mins each day just to do something for you whether it’s reading a good book, going for walk to a cafe and grabbing your favourite skinny orange mocha frappochino where you’re secret coffee serving crush works, doing some yoga or going for a run. Whatever works for you, do it!

These tips are SURE to beat your Monday morn blues & set you off with a bang for your week ahead. What are you waiting for? BRING ON MONDAY!!

Lots of love, Blusabbia xx


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