Ahhh London you amaze me. Can never get enough of these awesome cabs!

This is just a flick I took back when I was in Europe in late 2013- missing it!!


A flash-back from my trip to Paris- this is my absolute DREAM home, imagine waking up every morning and looking out the window to see the Siene staring straight back at you! And plus, it’s right in the centre of Paris and so close to all les boulangeries (so croissants for breakfast would be an absolute MUST!) Another special message this picture has to me is when I took this photo on the cruise (btw best night of my life!) you could spot all these little couples sharing an intimate dinner with feet dangling off the side of the river, it looked so special. Take me back Paris!



This is just a snap I caught in Hanoi on my recent visit to Vietnam- what a beautiful city! Be grateful for what you have, others don’t have as much as you do. Yet, the people that live on so much less, are so much more grateful. Have gratitude, be apart of something special.


Back when I was at a popular little Melbourne cafe I spotted this at the counter. If you can’t find inspo in some of Melbournes’ best foodie hot spots, then I don’t know where else you can. Bless your soul Melbourne! #followyourbliss

That Thinking Spot

We all have that place, that one place in the world, that no body else goes to or cares as much about as you do. It doesn’t have to be far, it doesn’t have to be super close, just somewhere that you can call your thinking spot. That place where you can be there with no external entertainment and just be able to sit there… and think. Clear your head. Clear your thoughts.

This is mine:


I can sit here for hours on end with nothing but the breeze blowing through my hair and the waves splashing back and forth up against the rocks. Often I run from my beach house (when I’m there in the Summer)  to this place and just sit here, think, and run back. Here, I have no stress. Here, I know that all I have to do is breath in and out and everything will be okay.

Everybody needs a place to call their “Thinking Spot”- a place no body else knows  and you can come here and let your thoughts take you to a different place. Time isn’t an issue here, the only way to tell when I should be back home is when sun starts to set and the moon becomes more apparent. For me, this is the Earth telling me when I need to leave, not my phone or watch. The amount of thoughts and worries that have just been washed away into this small beach on the Great Ocean Road Coast in Victoria, Australia, and never come back, is countless.